Frank Merenda - The Best Of Frank

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Frank Merenda - The Best Of Frank


Entrepreneur and popularizer, Frank Merenda, has taken the entire fabric of enterprise by storm, starting in Italy and Europe and eventually making his way overseas.

Frank is wiping out everything unnecessary and dangerous that hurts businesses professionally both in Italy and abroad, such as backward mentality and closed-mindedness towards marketing and professional sales. His business lessons offer a breath of fresh air.

The reason for his success should be sought in the staggering numbers that allow him to touch the lives of so many people: sold-out tours up and down Italy, involving thousands of entrepreneurs and freelancers; training events held in various European cities that people from all over the world attend; hit publications with thousands of copies sold, such as, “Marketing Sucks (if You Study it at University)”, “Selling Sucks (if You Don’t Know How to Do it)” and “The 7 Laws of Marketing for the Twenty-First Century”, co-written with Al and Laura Ries; his magazine, “Merenda Monthly – the Only Monthly Magazine Dedicated to Small Business Owners Who Make Italy Great”, which tallies thousands of subscribers; the exclusive club, “The Circle of Entrepreneurs”; and the icing on the cake, his hosting of the TV show, “I’m the Boss Now”, on one of the main national TV networks.

He’s currently going full steam to pursue his mission while he continues to train and study beside his teachers, namely, the leading global marketing experts and people of caliber, Dan Kennedy, Al Ries, Laura Ries and Jay Abraham—just to name a few.