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Luck Activator   See Beyond The Obvious And Maximize Your Ability To Consciously Generate Luck   What is luck?   Most would agree on some lucky events.   You
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Luck Activator


See Beyond The Obvious And Maximize Your Ability To Consciously Generate Luck


What is luck?


Most would agree on some lucky events.


You find some money on the street.


You bump into a gorgeous guy or lady at the supermarket, the conversation goes beautifully and next thing you know, you’re in love.


You buy a stock on a whim, and it triples in price within weeks.


You nail every single question on the job interview of your life and launch your dream career.


You’re driving down a busy street, but every single light is green.


These events, when they happen, feel fantastic.


But there are a few problems with these lucky events.


One is that they don’t happen nearly enough.


Two is, while feel good, they also feel out of our control.


Sure it’s great when you get a feeling that the universe is conspiring to help you succeed.


But it kind of sucks when the universe is taking its own sweet time.


Part of the allure of luck is it feels like a gift.


A present.


Given to us by an unseen, yet infinitely powerful universal force.


But what if this was only the tip of the iceberg?


What if luck was much deeper, much more complex, and even better much more under our control?


Nobody would feel unlucky if they found a hundred dollar bill on the street.


In fact, a hundred dollar bill was right there on the sidewalk, it wouldn’t be for long.


It would end up in the pocket of the first LUCKY person who saw it.


This is the problem with luck.


Things that are lucky to us are lucky to everybody.


Things we consider lucky are not only out of our control, but they are very, very blatant.


It doesn’t take a lot of skill to see a hundred dollar bill.


When you hit a bunch of green lights in a row, it feels nice.


But it also doesn’t feel like it’s under your control.


In fact, when things like this happen, we start to worry that we’ll do something wrong.


Something that will JINX our good luck streak.


As if this mysterious universe that is allegedly conspiring against us will take it away if we make one wrong move.


But what if luck is much more complex?


What if luck is like those 3D imagines that first look like noise.


That take a bit of patience.


That take a bit of visual calibration.


But once you train your eyes to see beneath the surface, there is a lot more going on here.


A lot more going on that most will ever realize.


It’s commonly understood that the difference between all the data hitting our senses and the data we can consciously perceive is huge.


When something important happens, it temporarily shifts our filters.


We see things we didn’t see before.


A red car.


Pregnant ladies and anything related to childhood.


Anything that might look like food if you are hungry.


This is a cool feeling, but it’s not much help.


It’s temporary, and like finding money, kind of out of our control.


We want to change our filters on purpose.


Not just change what they can perceive, but how deeply they can perceive.


Fortunately, this is very, very easy.


Because guess who chooses what we see, beyond all the noise and potential opportunities that usually bypass our conscious awareness?


We do, that’s who.


When we buy a red car, we see red cars.


But once we get used to our red car, we no longer see red cars.


We want a more strategic approach.


A more long lasting approach.


Seeing red cars is only the surface.


We don’t just want to see things, we want to see potential opportunities.


Opportunities that will lead to more lasting income and financial benefits.


Opportunities that will lead to more romantic, sexual and emotional benefits.


Opportunities that will lead to more social benefits.


That is exactly what this course will teach you.


How, specifically, to recalibrate your mind so you see much, much more than just what’s on the surface.


How to see much more deeply into the reality that is always around us.


That is around you right now.


Specific Exercises


You’ll learn plenty of exercises that will steadily increase your luck finding capability.


How to program your subconscious so you will find things that will lead you to more opportunities.


Opportunities that you can leverage for lasting benefits.


This does require some thinking on your part.


Non-thinking, and non-participating luck is not what we are after.


We are after the kind of luck that responds to your thought.


The kind of luck that responds to your calibrated desires and wishes.


The kind of luck that creates those wonderful self-fulfilling prophecies.


What Will You Learn In This Course?


What Is Luck


Why Luck Feels Good


The Connection to Our Instincts


Luck and Validation


Luck and Social Status


Luck and Time Saving


Luck and Desires


The Connection Between Luck, Costs and Benefits


Luck Doesn’t Happen In A Vacuum


How To Meet Luck Halfway


How To Ready Your Mind For Lucky Relationships


How To Ready Your Mind For Luck Money


Creating Luck Momentum


How To Look For Evidence


Lucky Confirmation Bias


Lucky Chaos


Mathematical Luck Strategies


Use Luck To Defeat Chaos Theory


Luck Extrapolation Strategies


Creating Lucky Two Way Vision


Seeing Through Lucky Filters


Lucky Love Strategies


Destroying Social Anxiety


Lucky Strategies Money


Understanding Money Truth


Non Zero Sum Lucky Games


The Luck Centered Ideal World


Synchronicity Building


Expecting and Finding Lucky Events


Synchronicity Mental Muscle


Synchronicity Exercises


Intuition Strengthening


Avoiding Hindsight Bias Pitfalls


Calibrating Intuition


Building Your Intuition Muscle


Open Ended Questions


The Lucky Open Loop


The Lucky Uncertainty Connection


Why Short Attention Spans Obliterate Luck


The Lucky Loop Up Effect


Much, Much More


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Luck Activator


Subliminal Programming


Your Luck Activator Home Study Course comes with over 20 hours of powerful subliminal programming.


Listen to the main course for your conscious mind.


To understand the concepts and exercises.


Doing the recommended exercises will slowly move your luck muscle from the top down.


The subliminal programming session will build your luck muscle from the bottom up.


Each subliminal is in three versions, two theta versions and one gamma versions.


Theta for your deep mind.


Gamma for your higher mind, for enlightened thinking, journaling and daydreaming.


Each session comes with a recommended visualization.


And robust imagination to hold in mind while you begin to listen.


Combined with the recommended visualization, the statements in each subliminal will combine to create the best possible outcome.


Guided visualizations, daily journaling and powerful subliminal programming to wake up your lucky mind, so that you can live your lucky life.


Session Descriptions


Love Magnet


Merge the ideal and real to accelerate the appearance of your ideal partner.


Obliterate social anxiety and build your people skills.


Open a rich internal idea of your dream lover.


Create them in mind, and find them in life.


Ideal Career Generator


See beyond now and imagine how you will impact the world.


Look into your past, and your future for the best possible career.


Expand your timeline and see how your life purpose will impact society for generations.


Think beyond trading time for money and embrace your reason for existing.


Money Magnet


Maximize your ability to find money opportunities where never expected.


See money as a natural extension of your skills and the happiness you create.


Eradicate all narrow money beliefs and see everything as an income opportunity.


Obliterate any false ideas or beliefs about money and see income generation as the most positive force in the Universe.


Network Accelerator


Make friends easily and naturally everywhere you go.


Learn to see similarities between you and everybody you meet.


Realize the deep truth that people want to meet you just as much as you want to meet them.


Slowly expand your network and explode your luck exponentially.


Opportunity Generator


Leave the behind the idea of expecting ready made opportunities to land in your lap.


Train your mind to see everything as an opportunity to be leveraged and maximized.


Turn every random wait at a stop light as an opportunity to brainstorm even more luck opportunities.


Put traditional thinking behind and significantly expand your mental capacity for luck.


Intuition Maximizer


Turn down your inner chatter and see far beyond the surface.


Significantly enhance your people reading and body language interpretation skills.


See many moves beyond that the obvious and take advantage of events long before they happen.


Quiet your mind and pay attention to the continuous stream of deep insights constantly being given to you by your deep mind.


Synchronicity Generator


Meet more people in more situations that will lead to more success.


Develop powerful interpretative and see far beyond the obvious.


Take and advantage of the massive amount of data and events and continuously choose those that are perfect.


Understand and trust that everywhere you go, everything you do, an opportunity will be there, waiting for you.


Master Mix


All statements from all sessions blended together in one powerful brain bomb of luck activating mental energy.


Ten coaching sessions, seven guided visualization sessions and over twenty hours of subliminal programming sessions.


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And stop letting life pass you by.


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And grab hold of your destiny.


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Live your purpose, maximize your financial, social and romantic potential, and leave a lasting impact on the world.