Igor Ledochowski Ericksonian Bonus Material(fixed)

To become that kind of revered hypnotist you have to go beyond techniques. You have to bring out the Erickson-style life-force that exists (in a unique way to
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To become that kind of revered hypnotist you have to go beyond techniques. You have to bring out the Erickson-style life-force that exists (in a unique way to you) within

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Igor Ledochowski Ericksonian Bonus Material(fixed)

Igor Ledochowski Ericksonian Bonus Material(fixed)

ATTENTION: Because of a NEW giant leap in the evolution of Milton Ericksonian Hypnosis Training…

You Can Become That Rare “Genius Hypnotist” People Look At In Awe And Say:

“How The Hell Did

They Do That? ”

From: Igor Ledochowski

Dear Reader,

There’s a man in France (his name is Alexis Lemaire) who is a “mathlete” and is able to do something rather extraordinary with his mind.

Take for example his world record feat:

At London’s Science Museum Alexis sat in front of a computer screen and waited for a random two-hundred-digit number to be displayed on the screen.

The number was 17-lines long. It was a big number.

Alexis’s task was to calculate in his head the thirteenth root of that number (that is, the number that multiplied by itself thirteen times would produce the exact two-hundred-digit number on the screen).

What happened is this:

Alex stared at the screen like a mesmerized Meerkat and then announced the correct answer out of 393 trillion possibilities (it was 2,407,899,893,032,210).

It Took Him Just

70.2 Seconds!

How Did He Do It?

Everyone was like: “How the hell does he do that?”

Which is exactly the question people would wonder when they were hypnotized by, or saw the great Milton Erickson work.

As you probably know Milton Erickson was (and is) famed for the way he performed seeming miracles with hypnosis.

Take for example what Kay F.Thompson reported on her own personal experience with Milton Erickson.

She says (during Erickson’s Saturday afternoon demonstrations) she would position herself in the audience behind the biggest, heaviest man so she wouldn’t be seen nor hypnotized by Erickson.

It didn’t work.

Somehow or other Erickson “saw through” the man she was sitting behind and Kay would go into a state of deep hypnosis anyway.

Then there were the experiments Erickson conducted where his “test subjects” would - through covert conversational hypnosis - experience color blindness.

Then there was the funny (yet true) story of Jay Haley and John Weatlan.

Jay and John went down to Phoenix, Arizona to observe Erickson and figure out what he was doing to get such amazing results with hypnosis.

They took a tape-cassette recorder with them to record Erickson in action with the intention of getting the audio tapes transcribed.

Turns out the audio tapes never got transcribed though.

Why not?

This is the funny bit…

What happened was - whenever the transcriptionists listened to the tapes of Erickson at work they would go into a DEEP trance and could no longer type.

That’s what you call powerful hypnosis!

But where Erickson really excelled (and what he became revered for) was his ability to use hypnosis in seemingly miraculous ways as a clinical hypnotherapist — helping people overcome all kinds of phobias, personal problems and even physical pain.

So… What Was Erickson’s Seemingly

Miraculous Hypnosis Secret?

Lots of people (including other hypnotists) have speculated what made Erickson’s “methods” so unique and so successful, and I’m sure there is some credence in all of them.

But I believe there is “something crucial” other people have missed or inadvertently overlooked when trying to breakdown Milton Erickson’s “methods”.

Did You Know?

See when people talk about Milton Erickson they seem to focus in almost exclusively on trying to identify the specific techniques he was using.

Don’t get me wrong — the hypnosis techniques he used are super-important to know, no doubt about that.

Admittedly, there have also been (and are) some current hypnotists that have identified Erickson’s “gentle manner” as part of the reason why he was so successful as a clinical hypnotherapist.

And I do believe a lot can be learned from studying and emulating Erickson’s specific techniques and “gentle manner” when conducting hypnosis sessions.

However, I also believe that there is something crucial every other hypnotist has missed about Erickson’s methods and something even Erickson himself was not fully able to articulate or explain.

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And funnily enough, the reason Erickson was considered a Wizard of hypnosis (or the “Mozart of Communication” as he was also often referred as) is because of the same underlying reason Alexis Lemaire can calculate the thirteenth root of a random two-hundred-digit number in his head in just over a minute.

What is that underlying reason?

It’s this:

The Unconscious Already

Knows The Answers To Any And

Every Problem A Person Faces!

Alexis Lamaire has trained his unconscious to just “give him” the correct mathematical answer.


Milton Erickson approached all his hypnosis sessions with the bedrock belief that every person was already perfectly normal and perfectly healthy. More than that though, Erickson viewed his subjects as the geniuses because they had inadvertently hypnotised themselves into experiencing the problem they came to him to help alleviate.

As such…

What Erickson did with a person - through whatever technique or covert conversational metaphor he used - was not so much a case of hypnotising the person as most people would understand it… but… instead…

He “De-Hypnotized” The

Person From Ever Experiencing

Their Problems Again.

That is why NLP (and traditional “Ericksonian Hypnosis”) have largely missed the mark on truly representing the “methods” used by Milton Erickson.

In fact, NLP — (which has become a very rigid set of “cool techniques” supposedly created from observing and studying a lot of Milton Erickson’s work)…

Completely Misses The

“Pearl” Of Erickson’s Brilliance.

This is somewhat understandable considering the people now teaching NLP and “Ericksonian Hypnosis” are, for the most part, 3rd generation students of Milton Erickson’s work.

As such the purity and “life pulse” of Milton Erickson’s work has been distorted and lost much the same way a message gets distorted and lost in the game of Chinese Whispers.

We know that to be the case because Erickson never used anything that’s termed the “Milton Method”, “NLP” or even “Ericksonian Hypnosis”!

And so what we have today from the available hypnosis & hypnotherapy training is a distorted and hazy distillation of Milton Erickson’s way of using hypnosis.

In visual terms it’s like this: nearly all current hypnosis and hypnotherapy training available based on Milton Erickson’s techniques is

Like A Pencil Sketch Of The

Ceiling Of The Cistine Chapel.

As in - all the detail has been copied, but the color, “life” of the art has been lost in translation.

So that’s where we are.

That’s as close as we can get to replicating and emulating Milton Erickson’s amazing feats with hypnosis.

Except It’s NOT!

Not now.

Because by approaching studying Milton Erickson’s work from the viewpoint Erickson himself observed patients — (i.e. that patients are geniuses for hypnotizing themselves into believing they have a problem to be cured or alleviated) — I have been able to put together a program that:

Teaches and demonstrates the intricacies and nuances of the powerful hypnosis techniques and storytelling metaphors Milton Erickson used with the most difficult of patients…


Takes you beyond the surface-level of Erickson’s techniques to a place where no other Ericksonian Hypnosis training program on the market takes you to. which is. in metaphorical terms. right into the “pearl” of Milton Erickson’s brilliance.

The “pearl” being the life force behind (or more correctly, fuelling) the techniques Erickson used.

And it’s this (until now) “missing” yet crucial life-force Erickson imbued into all his hypnosis work which enabled him.

To Do The Seemingly “Impossible”

With Hypnosis.

It will enable you to do the seemingly “impossible” with hypnosis too.

In fact: it will enable you to be that rare kind of hypnotist / hypnotherapist people look at and go: “How the hell did they do that?”

To become that kind of revered hypnotist you have to go beyond techniques. You have to bring out the Erickson-style life-force that exists (in a unique way to you) within your own heart.

And when you set your own life-force free and imbue your own hypnosis work with it there’s no reason at all why you cannot emulate and even surpass some of the amazing feats of hypnosis and personal change work that marks out Erickson as a genius of hypnosis.

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